Michiel Papenhove

Michiel is first and foremost a musician. These days he makes music mostly by himself and in various collaborations, but in the past he was part of the highly popular band Within Temptation. Next to the music Michiel is a software developer. Mostly PHP, but he started with Basic and did quite a few other languages as well. Michiel has a strong opinion on the world and how we treat it and is an anarchistic activist (although these days he's mostly what he calls a "couch warrior").

Photo by Karianne Hylkema.

Rick Kuipers

Rick Kuipers is a software developer that has recently moved from having a regular day job to start freelancing. With his roots in mIRC scripting, he's done several languages over the years, including C++ and PHP. Rick is also an avid gamer, very active in the PHP community by organizing user groups and speaking at user groups and conferences and he has birds. Oh, and he is a dancer.