Gary Hockin

Gary is developer advocate at Twilio, has previously associated with companies such as Jetbrains and Roave and is a regular speaker at conferences. He lives in Wales (not England!) in the United Kingdom and is an all-round nice guy.

Jelrik van Hal

Jelrik van Hal is a software developer, scrum master and agile coach who is currently freelancing. His focus has always been on creating good software but more importantly improving the current situation. He also delivers training and workshops on event storming and liberating structures.

Jeroen de Jong

Jeroen de Jong is serial entrepreneur, software developer and scrum professional. He's been moving away from the development side a bit more in recent times. He runs his own company Allict with which he helps companies as a scrum master, agile coach, solutions architect or IT consultant.

Juliette Reinders Folmer

Juliette is a PHP developer with a firm footing in both the WordPress and the general PHP community. She's not just bridging the gap between those communities, she is the bridge. She's involved in PHPCodeSniffer and the person behind the immensely useful PHP cheet sheets. Juliette knows a lot about running your own business and the administrative side of that. And of course, Juliette is a fantastic person.

Rafael Dohms

Serial user group founder, international speaker and German Brazilian living in The Netherlands: Rafael Dohms is as international and as active as you can imagine anyone to be. He is a PHP developer that cares about the quality of the code. And he is an open and friendly person.