Jeremy Coates

Jeremy runs Magma Digital and is one of the few people to have been to all WeCamp events so far, starting as a coach then coming back as the coach of coaches. He was also one of the driving forces behind the legendary PHPNW conference in Manchester.

Michelle Sanver

Michelle is a developer at Liip and a big force of positivity in the PHP community. She was a coach at WeCamp 2019.

Yara van Elteren

Yara is interested in a lot of things. One of those things include programming. As the daughter of Stefan Koopmanschap and Marjolein van Elteren she is involved in the organization of WeCamp.

Dennis de Greef

Dennis de Greef works at TransIP, makes music and was a coach at WeCamp 2019.

Thiago Bergman

Thiago works for Ingewikkeld, is an experienced PHP developer but also knows a lot about audio.