003: Speaking your way into a family

I travelled to Diemen where I was welcomed by Rafael, his wife Tiscilla and their dog Bella. After the warm welcome Rafael and I sat down for a nice conversation about user groups, living in different countries, community, speaking, the accident of his wife and more.

002: Why anarchism is not scary

The attic (or as he calls it, his mancave) of Michiel's house in a small village near The Hague was where we sat down to have a nice conversation on anarchy, creating a better world, developing PHP, being a musician in a band that became popular in an incredibly short period of time and being completely addicted to Warframe.

Please note: This episode contains some explicit language.

Listen to some of Michiel's recent music on Bandcamp.

Photo by Karianne Hylkema.

001: How Fortnite Dances Can Help Your Speaking Career

A Monday night in October, I sat down with Rick Kuipers in his home in Apeldoorn. We talk about games, starting with freelancing, work/life balance, Fortnite, scripting for mIRC, self-steering teams, conferences and more.