Bonus: WeCamp 2019

At WeCamp2019 I sat down around an actual campfire with some of the people on the island to talk about WeCamp, learning, communication, playing instruments, baby shark, connecting things and more. At some point marriage is even being compared to WeCamp. Curious? Have a listen!

006: Sharing Is Caring

It was a Friday afternoon when Mike and I sat down to have a conversation. It was the first day of rain, heavy rain even, after a long period of warm or even hot weather. We talked about PHP, the Ingewikkeld company, about how listening to audiobooks help read, about D&D and more.

005: Improving yourself one step at a time

The first regular episode of this podcast with not one but two guests. Jeroen de Jong and Jelrik van Hal have both gone through the process of switching careers, and that's one of the things we talk about. We also discuss the Dutch Black Pete tradition, talk about improving ourselves and picking up whatever work that needs to be done.

Some of the things discussed: The Braintoss app and The Obstacle Is The Way book.

Bonus: Dutch PHP Conference 2019

Dutch PHP Conference is the PHP conference for The Netherlands. In the uncon track, a bunch of the DPC speakers and attendees sat down for a nice conversation. Uncon co-host Ross Tuck then decided to mix things up a bit by switching those were sitting at a microphone, for added fun (and valuable information).

004: Life, The Universe and Everything

How do you handle money? Taxes? Or legacy code? I sat down with Juliette Reinders Folmer to talk and have a good dinner. The result of that is a 2,5 hour conversation about in which we talk about those subjects, but also about regular expressions, WordPress, standards and much, much more.